A new type of

Fleet Manager

Helping Our Clients Reimagine Fleet Ownership

More than ever, truck owners and operators alike, are looking to avoid losing money on underutilized trucks. Whether you have 1 truck or 100 trucks, we are here for you.

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A New Approach To Fleet Management

From driver acquisition and management to expense tracking and payouts, everything is taken care of on behalf of our clients while maximizing the value of your investment.

Losing Money on Your Idle Trucks?

Sustainable income solutions for the new era of logistics

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Transparent Service

Through our platform, you’ll have visibility into how your assets are performing on a monthly basis.

Truck Optimization

Our technology handles the matching of three key components: drivers, freight, and trucks. This enables us to maximize the earnings on your  truck.

Risk Management

We work tirelessly to maintain your trust by adhering to the strictest regulatory safety and compliance standards.